The Repeated Escalations

The CT Post has statements up from local Reps as they are forced to show their true colors and take a stand, either with the failed bush administrations "stay the course" policy OR against it.

Here is where Rep. Chris Murphy stands:
Rep. Chris Murphy, D-5, said that the resolution is the "cleanest, clearest statement" that Congress can provide expressing its opposition to the escalation plan.

"There is obviously a lot more to say than what is in the text of this resolution, but the focus of this debate needs to be on sending a clear message to President Bush that Congress has joined the military establishment, foreign affairs establishing and the public in opposing his plan," Murphy said.

While Chris Murphy makes sense, nincompoop Chris Shays is saying he is against staying the course but, in typical GOP Bush admin. shill fashion, is voting for stay the course since he won't even consider supporting a non-binding resolution against this re-repeat of temporary mini-escalations.
Just how much of this is dressed-up "Stay the Course!" BS? Take a look at this graph showing troop levels past, present and future (If the incompetent bush gets his way):

WHOA! Is this a familiar pattern? And someone out there representing CT supports this rinse and repeat policy? Sure enough, Bush can always count on Joe Neocon Lieberman:
During his campaign last fall, U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman claimed he was ready to carefully scrutinize the president's policies on Iraq. Safely re-elected, Lieberman is as enthusiastic as ever about Bush's policies and plans for escalation.
Well, Shays is off in Neocon "Torture is Sex" territory again, and against supporting the will of Nutmeggers just like his bedmate Lieberman.

And the GOP wonders why they are losing ground in Connecticut year after year? They need to take a hard look at how they are consistantly putting Neocon wet dreams ahead of the wishes and concerns of their constituants.


turfgrrl said...

The graph, I think, is more an indictment of the media, incapable of calling bullshit on the administration over whether they are in fact changing policy. A surge, would mean, exceeding the max troops on the ground than previous failed attempts. Good post.

Connecticut Man 1 said...

This is something that the left has been saying all along. And even some in the right are calling BS. The bush admin. just doesn't want to change what they are doing, and there are no real options left EXCEPT for redeployment.

It all comes down to how long Bush wants to prolong facing the reality of what his reckless admin. has created.