Only an idiot Neocon could fuck things up this badly

Only a Neocon child could think that building a case on lies would help him when he is being charged with perjury...
Libby lawyers rest in CIA leak trial:
"The change in who would testify prompted U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton to reverse course, too. He told defense attorneys that if Libby didn't testify he would not allow some classified information to be presented to the jury as Libby's defense team had planned.

'My absolute understanding was that Mr. Libby was going to testify,' Walton said, recalling why he had agreed months ago to allow some classified information into evidence. 'My ruling was based on the fact that he was going to testify.'

Walton's decision blocked Libby's plans to call three CIA briefers Wednesday to testify about the classified national security issues Libby faced in mid-2003, when CIA operative Valerie Plame was named in the media."

If you are a juror in this case: You have to be taking the Judges statement pretty seriously here when you are considering the credibility of the soon to be criminal Neocon Libby.

If you are the judge in this case: You have to be thinking about this blatant contempt for the legal process when you hand down a sentence at the end of it all.

Talk about double-fucking yerself there little Neocon scapegoat.

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