Libby Trial Winter Blowout

Yesterday I noted that "Only a Neocon child could think that building a case on lies would help him when he is being charged with perjury..." In the Bloggers coverage of the defense resting their case, etc., our favourite court reporters note that the defense actually apologized before the court for the fact that Libby did not testify:

They also offer a lot more important insights into the happenings of the lying Bush administrations' favourite infantile perjurer turned scapegoat named Scooter.

Regardless of what results the jury comes back with, what we have learned thus far is that Libby is a liar, Armitage was the earliest leaker on public record, Rove was an early leaker("I heard that too!"), and that both Cheney and Bush authorized the leaks (if we are to believe anything a child named Scooter's lawyers' stated in his defense?), and that while all of them, and more (including some reporters and other Bush admin. enablers that did not testify in the trial portion), committed and/or participated in the cover-up of an act of treason, AND that none have been charged with the real crimes that led to Libby's perjury.

And we also learned that MTP with Tim Russert is Cheney's favourite place to screw the pooch because of Russert's sympathetic rear, err, I mean ear.

If I missed anything or got any of that way too wrong in that quick recap (I am just going by memory and shooting from the hip here) feel free to correct me. Needless to say, Firedoglake will likely give you a better recap of all of this.

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