Travel Grants for Students!

Yes... There are a a few minor details. For one: I am pretty sure you have to be a member of Campus Progress...
On Saturday, January 27 there will be a major mobilization in Washington, D.C. against the new policy of escalation in Iraq.

Campus Progress wants to make sure that students are able to make their voices heard in Washington. That's why we are offering travel grants of up to $300 for students organizing carpools or vans from their campus to the capital.

To learn more about the March, or to apply for a travel scholarship Click here!

Grants will be awarded on the basis of:

1. Financial Need
2. Number of Students the Grant Will Assist
3. Planned Involvement (For example - Are you going to write a blog post about the rally? Will you be attending the lobby day as well?)

Funds are limited, so we will not be able to help everyone.

If you are a student and you are interested in this Campus Progress travel adventure there are more details and other resources at the link.

Oh yeah! Right! Like you really thought you were going to get a "spring break" vacation in the sun? Jojn Campus Progress and maybe you can learn to organize that one yourself.

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