Genrals March on Bush

And slap the incomopetent Bush silly:
House Dems to support Iraq resolution - Yahoo! News: "Four retired senior U.S. military officers criticized the administration's strategy at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing.

'It's a fool's errand,' said Gen. Barry McCaffrey. 'Our allies are leaving us,' he said. 'Make no mistake about that. Most will be gone by this summer.'

Retired Marine Corps Gen. Joseph P. Hoar, said, 'The new strategy reflects the inability of the administration to get it right.' He said, 'The proposed solution to send in more troops won't work. It is far too little and too late.'"

Not to mention that Republican Olympia Snowe has joined Hagel in crossing the aisle to support slapping the idiot-bush-boy's policy down.
So far, Sens. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska and Olympia Snowe of Maine are the only Republicans to announce their backing for the Senate measure. A third lawmaker, Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore., signaled during the day he is giving serious consideration to joining them.

I would be willing to bet (IF I were a gambling man, I am not!) that as long as the failing bush continues killing his own GOP's integrity, and any chances of other GOP candidates getting re-elected in the future, by continuing his ESCALATION policiy you will start seeing some of the more moderate GOP members asking if they can pemanently cross the aisle...

Ya think?

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