The death of the GOP

If it is really as bad as Mehlman says it is (AND IT IT IS!) then why bother?

In his farewell speech after two years as chairman, Mr. Mehlman said that the 2006 elections, in which Republicans lost control of both houses of Congress, was not a fluke that could be attributed to the calendar, a few scandal-tainted candidates and the tough going in Iraq.

“Each of these factors combined to create an environment that was unfavorable for Republicans,” said Mr. Mehlman, one of the chief architects of President Bush’s two national election victories. “But, folks, these factors cannot be an excuse.”

He said that if Republican officials shrugged off the repudiation of the party in the 2006 elections they would lose the White House in 2008 and remain in the minority in Congress indefinitely. He said the party had to recommit itself to political reform, fiscal restraint and personal ethics.

Mr. Mehlman addressed the roughly 170 members of the Republican National Committee at their annual winter meeting, a rather glum affair at a downtown hotel here. Party members are still nursing the wounds of the mid-term elections and are riven by divisions over Iraq, immigration and other issues. Members are also beginning to take sides in the contest for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008.

These Republicans could save themselves a lot of time, trouble and money and just worry about which Democratic party candidate they will vote for. At this rate they will have some of the freeper and Redstate supporters that might vote for the GOP, the faaarthest of the faaaar right, perhaps a some support from "lifers", then there will be those that just stay home disillusioned... and then there will be nothing, absolutely nothing, from any independents/unaffiliateds.

Republicans may as well try and buy themselves another Lieberclone out of the DLC side of the Democratic party and hope they can fool the progressives. It would be the closest thing they could ever get to a win, at this rate, if they succeeded. heh

Bush and the Neoconservatives will kill the GOP off completely. They are the epitome of ideology over party. The ONLY CHANCE the GOP has is if they force Bush to stop... And it is apparent that if the GOP wants to survive it will depend on them removing Bush and Cheney from office. Because that is the only way they will stop Bush. And they know it.

I am sure the Democratic party will help you on this one... But it will be up to the Republicans to make the first moves. It remains to be seen whether or not the Republicans have the balls they will need to save their own party.

The GOP will still lose in '08. But it won't be the complete and total death of the GOP if they stop Bush.

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