Dodd introduces bill to cap U.S. troop levels in Iraq

There are not many details in the report but Sen. Dodd has made the obvious first move in stopping the reckless Bush administration from ESCALATING the failed Bush war.

Dodd introduces bill to cap U.S. troop levels in Iraq

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Connecticut, is hoping to become a strong voice against President Bush's plan to increase U.S. troops in Iraq.

The presidential candidate introduced legislation Tuesday that put a limit on the number of troops in Iraq at about 132,000.

Dodd's bill also would require congressional approval in order for any additional troops to be sent to Iraq. This is the kind of thing that needs a push and a shove from every Senators' constituants. Start dialing and Emailing! and ask them to support this.

[update]A PDF of the beginings of the bill Via Gabe at CLP:
My initial reaction is that this legislation has a better chance of passing than does Senator Kennedy’s legislation denying funding for a troop escalation (which Senator Dodd also supports) and also has a much better chance of surviving the sure veto. This legislation has the potential to attract more Republicans who have become disillusioned about Iraq.

I like that Dodd is doing this but there is always Kenedy’s bill to consider as well. In the case of the reckless bush administration it would be safer and wiser to back whichever bill has more controls. Also, Hillary Clinton is on record as supporting the same sort of idea as Dodd's bill. Though, Clinton makes no mention of any bill.

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