Global Warming

OK... So everyone is losing out with Climate Change:
The cost of climate change:
A state of Washington report on the effects of climate change said “It’s safe to say that virtually every aspect of the state’s economy will be affected by climate change.” This includes higher prices for lumber, water, and crops and additional expenses to protect shorelines from flooding.But of course it’s not just Washington, it’s happening in all the states. Plant zones shifted one zone north from 1990-2006, Sue says, what happens when Connecticut (where we’re moving to) becomes California? And what will the climate in southern California be like in 10 years?

But California will also lose with a Blogger that gives a damn about these things moving to Connecticut. If the Blogger sticks around long enough we may even be able to give him a warm California welcome here in CT... I guess it is a good-news-bad-news kindof thing, eh?

No offense, but I really like my winters with snow!


polizeros said...

Thanks for the link!

I grew up in Connecticut and after a long time away, we'll be relocating back, probably to Bloomfield. Am active in the antiwar movement here in LA and blog about that and global warming on polizeros.

Looking forward to meeting all you CT bloggers soon.

Connecticut Man 1 said...

You are welcome... And if "global warming/climate change" are things you know a lot about you will be a welcome addition to the left here.