Why I Blog OR Life Equals

Life =

The number of hugs, hate, smiles, frowns, laughs, outstretched hands in friendship and even the tears, turmoil and joy that it can produce.

But even all of that would be worthless if you didn't have another to share it all with...


The value of life is > 1 and increases exponentially the more you share.

I may have a lot... But I got nothing political to Blog about at the moment. Or do I?


opit said...

Hoo-hah! Nothing to blog about. RSS sidebar bursting with juice so you don't even have to worry about the main Buzz feeds but can chase your own favourites!
I'm reaching...but can't quite feeeel you!
Phooey. Go share somebody's Google Reader or Del.icio.us choices then! There is so much going on nobody can keep up.
Wild ride you've got going on in new milford!

Connecticut Man1 said...

Part of the problem was that I was nursing some single payer healthcare posts that I cross-posted at various communities. I don't like to dump diaries and run and my reading and typing skills (S L O W !) don't allow me to multitask too much. lol