Kristol Loses His NY Times Welfare

h/t to suburban guerrilla, The ever wrong and eternally warmongering neoconservative Bill Kristol's wingnut welfare provided by the NY Times runs out. I guess they were tired of him making the Times a punching bag?

I have edited out all of the right wing junk and neoconservative spew to condense the full piece down to the only important information - coincidentally, it is the only factual information - contained in Kristol's final NY Times column that you need to know:
"This is William Kristol’s last column."
May he get all of that he truly deserves in life.

I wonder what tired, old right wing media gas bag will replace him? Or will they pick a screecher from the over fertilized - and full of it - young republiCON crops?

[update] Sadly, I must note that Kristol will be peddling a monthly pile of crap at the WaPo. If we are lucky he will explode having to hold it in that long. Note to Kristol's friends: Keep a lot of baby wipes handy if get near him, just in case.


Unknown said...

oh i am so smiling (sorry about the wapo though)

Connecticut Man1 said...

Many people were laughing their asses off - until they heard about WaPo. Even then, people expect mor ftom the NY Times. WaPo? Not so much.