I just stole from Blue Gal...

And I feel B.A.D. about it.

I wonder how long it will be before she notices that I did a panty raid while I was there?

B.A.D Blogger... Very B.A.D. Blogger.
this upcoming weekend we will be celebrating the second anniversary of blogroll amnesty & blogroll bloodbath anniversary remembrance day!

this year our partner in this endeavor, jon swift, will join us in celebrating this blogtopian-wide holiday all next weekend beginning on saturday.

update: we will officially start on saturday, jan. 31. the original blogroll amnesty day is february 3, but we're calling for a four-day weekend! huzzah!

as you may remember, the modus operandus of blogroll amnesty day is to link to 5 blogs smaller than your own, thus introducing your readers to new voices.

and may we stop all the stupid jokes right here, right now: yes, there are blogs smaller than yours, no matter who you are.

mas update: ok, so we can't even stop the jokes before they start. ergo, we will ammend the parameters: if you really don't believe there are blogs smaller than yours, then in lieu of making the stupid joke that there aren't any, ha ha, please link to five blogs with traffic equivalent to yours (or in the same ball park). as long as they represent new voices (new to your readers, at least), you will have satisfied the requirement. just please don't do the stupid joke!!
The moral of the story? Link up, link sideways, link down... And never trust a guy like me anywhere near your knickers...

[update] Other Blogs that participated in B.A.D.:

Reconstitution 2.0
Mahatma X Files
Peace Arena
Just an Earth-Bound Misfit
Simply Left Behind
Outta the Cornfield
Mock Paper Scissors
Vagabond Scholar
Blue Herald
Drinking Liberally in New Milford
Virtuous Skeptic
Cheyanne's Campsite
A Blog Around the Clock
Tangled Up in Blue Guy
The Hackenblog
WTF Is It Now?
Ornery Bastard
Moue Magazine
distributorcap ny
Talking Dog
Welcome Back to Pottersville
Rip Coco
Comrade PhysioProf
Mike the Mad Biologist
Chuck for...
The BoBo Files
William K. Wolfrum
From Pine View Farm
That's Why
Clark's Picks
The Aristocrats
Life's Journey
Just My Little Piece of the World
Kiko's House
That's Right Nate
Slobber and Spittle
Upper Left
Saying Nothing Charmingly
Carolina Naturally
NYC Educator
Barking Rabbits
Bark Bark Woof Woof
I'll Never Forget the Day I Read a Book!
Third Estate Sunday Review
Thrilling Days of Yesteryear
Thorne's World
Madam Miaow Says...
Right Wing Wiz Kid
The Great Endarkenment
Brilliant at Breakfast
At Home with Books
Graphic Truth
Zen Yenta
Stop the Press!
Brass and Ivory
Capitol Annex
Liberal Values
Miriam's Ideas
Watergate Summer
Steve Audio
Rubber Hose
Greg Laden
Pushing Rope
Badtux the Snarky Penguin
Pajama Pundit
Media Bloodhound
Some of Nothing
Liberty Street
Tin, Steel and Rust
Crooks & Liars
Onyx Lynx
Diary of a Heretic
Southern Fried Science
Lost in the Ozone
Phil Nugent Experience
Liberal Journal
Meta Watershed
When Will I Use This?
Divided We Stand, United We Fall
Scribble City Journal
Zaius Nation
Oooh, Hecky Nawl; That Guhl is Raw
Bifurcate in the Road
Left in Alabama
Buzz Twang
The Moderate Voice
Thinking Outside
Independent Bloggers Alliance
Muddy Mo
Vast Variety
JM Bell
The Modern Left
Alyson Love
Almost Diamonds
Knight and Stars
Asian Conservatives
MS Maze
My Saturday Evening Post
The Flying Trilobite
Evil Mommy
The Impolitic
True Blue Texan
Drifting Through the Grift
The Quaker Agitator
Blogroll Amnesty Day Blog
Democratic Daily
Howard Empowered People
Ken Levine
Redlady's Reading Room
Social Seppuku
Evolving Complexity
That's Why
Naked Opinions
Miss Cellania
The Reaction
Today's Sermonette
League of Ordinary Gentleman
Dinosaur Trader
Chawed Rosin
By Neddie Jingo
Johnny Pez
Republic of T
Sma' Talk Wi' T
Rob Singleton
American Street
The Garlic
Political Byline
Heresy Today
Evolving Complexity
Gone Like the Wind
Suzi Riot
Two Ton Green Blog
Over the Cliff, Onto the Rocks
Pushing Rope
Abandoned Stuff by Saskboy
Inverse Square
Truth, Justice & Peace
News Hounds
Bug Girl's Blog
Indigo Journal
Byzantium's Shores
Balloon Juice


Life As I Know It Now said...

I'll just link to five others regardless. It will give me something to post on that day.

Connecticut Man1 said...

That is kind of how I look at it.

Distributorcap said...

i might go for six just to be different

Fran / Blue Gal said...

exactly. It's a post that writes itself.

And here's the deal on traffic: You are officially allowed to complain about low traffic on your blog AFTER you have posted DAILY for a YEAR. That's 365 posts. Otherwise you haven't really started your blog yet. That's straight from the Queen of the Indy Blogs.

Thanks for running the vid, honey!

Connecticut Man1 said...

I have already linked to dozens a couple of days ago. Call this a bit of a link factory, but for myself and for this Blog... I don't really worry about traffic so much. With rss readers and crossposts I know my thoughts are being heard by my local allies. I use this mostly for research and as a scratch pad for daily pieces that I paste into longer ones for participation at other community Blogs.

Anonymous said...

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