And here I thought it was Tax time?

Not so, says skippy the bush kangaroo:
get ready, blogonauts! this upcoming weekend we will be celebrating the second anniversary of blogroll amnesty & blogroll bloodbath anniversary remembrance day!

as you may remember, the modus operandus of blogroll amnesty day is to link to 5 blogs smaller than your own, thus introducing your readers to new voices.

and may we stop all the stupid jokes right here, right now: yes, there are blogs smaller than yours, no matter who you are.

this year our partner in this endeavor, jon swift, will join us in celebrating this blogtopian-wide holiday all next weekend beginning on saturday.

stay tuned for further updates and a spazzy snazzy new logo...
I have always made it a priority to try and add linkouts in posts and new blogs to my Blogroll as constant ongoing effort to raise the left's overall Google rankings. It is sort of a year round hobby and I really do like the fact that you learn a lot from the collective thoughts of Blogtopia. (Y, SCTP!)

Though, being a little part of the this big ass think tank... I do link up and link down. It is the nature of the beast.

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