Prop (H)8 in California

According to skippy the bush kangaroo, California doesn't need to worry as much about Proposition 8 as digby seems to think they should:
let's be clear here: gotv is important, and the anti-prop 8 campaign may very well be having trouble generating excitement (we happen to think the anti-prop 8 commercials are among the worst we've seen). but the latest poll from the field poll online shows it's definitely not a dead heat. california progress report:

the california field poll showing proposition 8 behind with 44% support and 49% opposition that was released earlier today is making the headlines of the state’s newspapers—and in fact is national news. these results are remarkably similar to a poll released last week by the public policy institute of california that showed it with the same 44% support and with a level of opposition--52%--that is within the margin of error of both of these polls. these are the two most respected public polling organizations in the golden state.

Anyone can understand that GOTV is important on an issue like this but I am guessing that GOTV for Obama and other candidates on the left out there in Cali will be enough to kill the (H)8.

More importantly, I think, is that any kind of amendment like the proposed Proposition (H)8 will eventually get killed in the courts as unconstitutional.

It is also important to note that these type of ballot initiatives in California are precisely what worries most of the people fighting against the Connecticut "Constitutional Convention" issue on the ballot here, this year. It paralyzes the ability of legislators to govern, it often creates "laws" that will get kicked back as unconstitutional, and wastes taxpayer money at every turn. And all of this is done as a backhanded way to divide voters on issues, and to feed off of the hate of fringe voters more often than not. And it is often out of state soft money flooding into the state that funds these initiatives through Astroturf groups like the Family Institute of Connecticut.


Brian said...

Call or email everyone you can to spread the word to vote No on 8!

The last proposition (Prop 22, which was overturned), had a lack of support until the Sunday before the election when pastors instructed their faithful to head to the polls to vote No.

My parents church today did the same and had buses to drive over 10,000 members to the polls.

Proposition 8 is Unfair, Wrong! Vote No on 8 and spread the word.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Other than Bloggers that are on top of this as much as they can... I don't really know anyone in California to call?

Unknown said...

thx for the link, cm! i don't want to minimize the importance of getting out the vote, whatever state you're in.

but i don't think we have to panic.

of course, great last words and all...

Connecticut Man1 said...

You are right. Your post is 100% correct. Don't panic. It is just one more reason to get out the vote for everything on the left. It might even get a few right minded people that support equality to rethink their priorities.