Will Larson Replace Emanuel?

Via Roll Call, with Rahm Emanuel going to President elect Obama's side at the White House there could be a lot of jockeying for positioning down the line:
So far, the race for Caucus chairman is a two-way matchup pitting Vice Chairman John Larson (Conn.) against Rep. Chris Van Hollen (Md.), who engineered the 20-seat gain as chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Van Hollen had a standing offer from Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to do a second tour heading up the party’s campaign arm, but he made clear on Wednesday that he wasn’t interested.

“I’m exploring all my options,” Van Hollen said at a midday press conference. “One option I’m not exploring is continuing as chairman of the DCCC.”

Instead, a senior Democratic aide said, Van Hollen is eyeing a run to replace Emanuel, whom he followed at the DCCC. He will have to defeat Larson, who briefly chaired the Caucus when Democrats were in the minority. Larson essentially handed the post to Emanuel at Pelosi’s urging as a reward for quarterbacking their comeback when Democrats retook the House.

Van Hollen and Larson have begun calling colleagues to lock up support. But the race is just beginning, and others could jump in.
Will CT-01 Rep. John Larson bag the job?

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