Happily Retiring My McCain Coat Hanger Banner :)

For quite a while I had a banner that I put together using an image snip of my normal banner and an image kindly donated to the cause by 8ackgr0und N015e from dKos. I don't know if it might have changed anybodies minds as they passed through this blog but I do know that it did partially express one of the many reasons that I thought we had to fight McCain tooth and nail on every issue in this election. We can not afford to return to the days of back alley abortions with coat hangers. And that is just one of the many problems with the GOP. Too many of their batshit loopy "base" do want to make abortions illegal. Too many of these whack job GOP voters and politicians are under the delusion that this country should be run according to their own personal opinions about God and country.

So... It is with no small amount of joy that I happily retire this banner with thanks and appreciation to 8ackgr0und N015e for the generous offer that exemplified how so many of us successfully worked together on issues, ideas and campaigns in so many different ways.

Buh bye banner!

Hopefully the GOP has learned a lesson about pandering to the right wing extremists on so many issues and using these issues as a means of dividing the country and weakening our Democracy. Judging by the media coverage of the GOP's public fights before, during and after the campaign - some conservatives get it and others still don't have a clue.


Nelson said...

It may be the issue that everyone's going to forget/take for granted about this election--that we almost lost abortion rights.

Connecticut Man1 said...

When one or two (maybe even three?) of the justices need to be replaced you can be certain that they will remember.

CT Bob said...

I'm a bit sad to see it go, but we must move on (dot org).

How about a new banner featuring Joe Lieberman holding a gavel that says "Homeland Security" on it, with a big red circle with a diagonal line superimposed upon it?

Connecticut Man1 said...

I may just do a nice new banner. For now... I want to spend more time focused on my family. But Joe will remain in my sights.