Rachel Maddow Rocks the News World!

#3 story on Countdown's Blog the Newshole:

The Maddow Show: A website called "The Progressive Puppy" calls it the quote, "single smartest move ever made by a television network." 'The Nation' already identified her in these terms: "Everything about her radiates competence and a deft, bright careerism." And at the website Daily Kos, there was, upon the news late this afternoon, posted this poem: "For Unto Us, a Star is Born. "A Gift is Given. "And she shall be: Wonderful, Confident, the Mighty Women, the Everlasting Progressive, the Princess of News." In our third story on the Countdown: but around these parts, with all due modesty, I think I've summed it up best: we just call her "Next!"
We hope to continue to see some of the sharpest and brightest opinions to grace that network's cast of part time pundits coming forth from Rachel Maddow on a full time basis.

MSNBC has just doubled its credibility as a real news source.

(Hat tip BuzzFlash)


Anonymous said...

MSNBC: The intelligent answer to Fox News.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Between Countdown with KO and the new Maddow show, as well as The Daily Show and Colbert Report... There will now be a full 3 hours of daily of original newscasts (not counting repeats of shows) to counterbalance the other 200 to 300 hours of right wing news on all of the other stations.

It's a start.