Obama and McCain - On the Economy

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Nothing to add to this Barack Obama campaign ad showing the differences between Barack Obama and John McCain since it is factual and relatively straight forward and to the point:

Nothing to add, except for the fact that many of McCain's huge mistakes are the same ones that Chris Shays has made over and over again...
BTW, if you're the type who skips YouTube clips most of the time, don't this time.
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As New Hampshire Republicans - unsatisfied with their terribly flawed candidates - start to glumly trickle into their voting booths today, a few may recall having seen Connecticut Congressman Chris Shays barnstorming around their state for the past week in support of John McCain.

This sight must have been particularly jarring: the former member of the Peace Corps, proudly displaying a reminder of that episode of his past life, while fighting for a candidate who wants a permanent American troop presence of Iraq:

Up in the McCain headquarters on the third floor of an old mill building, Connecticut's 4th District Rep. Chris Shays is sitting among the troops in a suit and Peace Corps cap, making the same get-out-the-vote telephone calls as everybody else. McCain has been using the Republican congressman as a surrogate at the smaller events he can't reach. Shays takes on the role a bit in headquarters at the lunch break...

Shays tells the workers their candidate is a reformer who can't be intimidated. He's got two things going for him, Shays says. "One is his character. The other is what we all hunger for in this country: straight talk."

Yes, that's right. "Straight talk."

Like this:

Where's the "straight talk" from Shays on Iraq, and his support for a Presidential candidate who would keep us there forever?

It's nowhere to be found :

"He has more positions on Iraq than Mitt Romney has on abortion," says Soltz, a veteran of the Iraq and Kosovo wars. "You never know where he sits on Iraq. He can tell you what he wants, but he is lined up with George Bush on this war."

"He likes to brag about how many times he's been to Iraq," Soltz adds, "but he's never served, and he doesn't really know how the military works...."

Fighting for endless occupation of Iraq... while wearing a Peace Corps cap. That pretty much says it all:

Chris Shays

(Ilustration by Danny Hellman for Fairfield County Weekly.)

(Disclosure: Tparty, the author of that, proudly consults for Jim Himes.)

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