Cappiello Steals Material from HatCityBLOG

ctblogger had some material stolen from him and misused and abused by Republican candidate David Cappiello:

Then it dawned upon me why the image caught my attention...because I shot the photograph.

Picture 15

Seeing that the budget for this ad was rather low, and most (if not all the images) in this so-called "ad" were a result of a google image search, it's no surprise that the top-notch Cappiello campaign used my photo seeing that it's the first image that comes up in google after a search for the words "Congressman Chris Murphy"

Now... I'll admit that I will yank material from others' Blogs freely. Some of ctblogger's material is found in here. He knows because I link to it. It is the only way we can keep track of our intellectual property and other contributed materials. The same thing he does when he yanks material from here.

Attributing material to the original thinkers on an idea, or research they have done or hard copy material is what makes the Blogging world go round. It is the unwritten law of the Blogging jungle in some cases, in others it is protected under copyrights or - like in ctblogger's material - it may be covered under a Creative Commons license.

I could go into the settled law about all of this, but the reality is that you really have to wonder a about Cappiello's character if this is the type of thing he would do. It's not that different than the kind of person that will pick up your money off of the table in your house and shove it in their pockets.

Here you have Cappiello getting a truckload of money from a recent fund raiser held by his BFF bush:

Ken Curran, Murphy's campaign manager, said the recent visits from Republican leadership shows that Cappiello "cares more about raising money from political allies than he does about the families of the 5th District."

"Cappiello's reliance on raising money from the Bush administration may help fill his bank account but it shows how out of step he is with the damage this administration has done to the people he claims to want to represent," Curran said. "Chris is making this campaign about listening to the people of the 5th District."

And Cappiello can't even afford a photographer of his own or, at least, to buy material legally from some established photogs archives? Show some frigin' common sense lad!

It also makes me wonder if Cappiello may be as computationally illiterate as his warmongering heir to bush wannabe McCain is. Most campaigns have figured out already that not only do they need to attribute the work done in the Blogosphere, but that it is the right thing to do politically.

Genghis, over at Connecticut Local Politics, had some things to say about Cappiello's serious mistakes.

As for Connecticut's GOP, I really have to ask: Is this the best and brightest you have to offer this year? Because we have already seen enough illegal actions from the Republicans that are currently and deservedly getting run out of office. We don't need more GOP idiots like them.

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