One Of Connecticut's Best...

... Takes a well deserved bow.

Litchfield author and Blogger Andy Thibault gets a little love from the Republican American:
He'll get in your face
Litchfield blogger always eager for a cause

Andy Thibault spends a lot of time in shorts and sandals watching rabbits nibble in his Litchfield backyard. When he feels up to it, he climbs the steep stairs of his Victorian home on a quiet, tree shaded street, turns on the computer and takes on the world.

Muckraking may seem misplaced in such a bucolic setting, but it works just fine for a 55-year-old man trying to recover from stage 3 colon cancer while waging a feisty campaign that could have national significance in the free-speech arena.

Through his news blog, "The Cool Justice Report," Thibault is the prime mover in an effort to challenge the punishment of Avery Doninger, a Lewis S. Mills High School student from Burlington, for critical remarks she made last year on her blog about school administrators.

It is always nice to see one of Connecticut's many great Bloggers get some well deserved respect. Especially a Blogger that - on this I am pretty darned certain - would gladly kick a hornets nest if he thinks it would fix things.

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