What is this 'Iraq war' charge on my bill?

I had already written on John McCain's obvious campaign platform for the upcoming elections... So this particular new campaign certainly caught my eye:

h/t to Carol at My View of It

From John McCain's Less Jobs. More War.

We laugh, we yell, we worry. But, thankfully, we live in a time and a world where we can do something. While Clinton and Obama are focused on winning the nomination, we have a job to do.

Will you invest a dollar for every year you think John McCain will keep us in Iraq? A dollar now could quite possibly save us from the decades of "more wars" McCain has promised. Make an investment

At a time when all television spots are fundraised around helping a particular candidate win, there is a critically important role for online communications to play. We can reach hundreds of thousands online, instantly. Wired just did an article about this.

Brave New Films was on the case over a year ago with The REAL McCain, and it looked like America was through with him after that. But now he's back and more dangerous than ever. We must act now!

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