Clinton Accuses Obama of Plagiarism

The highly original "Yes we will!" campaign accuses the "Yes we can!" campaign of plagiarism:

By now, you've probably heard of the new attack line from the Hillary campaign, accusing Obama of plagiarism because an ad-libbed portion of his stump speech mimicked the language and rhythm of a two-year-old speech by his friend and supporter, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.

Patrick told the New York Times that he and Obama freely exchange speech ideas and that he didn't feel like a citation was needed.

The Clinton campaign held a conference call this morning to continue pushing this line of attack. TPM Election Central asked campaign adviser Howard Wolfson about Patrick's remarks:

Wolfson said the plagiarism charge still holds because listeners go in with the assumption that Obama's speeches are original, unless credit is given. "So I think it's fine that Deval Patrick said that," Wolfson said. "But what I'm concerned about is that the public has an expectation that Sen. Obama's words are his own."

Wolfson's concern for the public's fragile expectations would be quaint if it wasn't so transparently self-serving. Obviously, this isn't plagiarism.

But like the flip-flop line of attack Hillary is pressing on Obama's public financing pledge, the attack speaks to her campaign's effort to undermine the very thing that has been the centerpiece of Obama's candidacy: his authenticity.

Sure he gives better speeches than I do, the Hillary line goes, but the words aren't even his own.
All I can say is:

Pot Meet Kettle...


CT Bob said...

Dude! I didn't know you did cartoons? That's brilliant!

Connecticut Man1 said...

I do photoshop... Others do cartoons and photos. I just mash them together. :)