The Heritage Foundation Doomsday Clock

Fear! Fear! Fear!

Glen Greenwald catches the Hertiage wackos spreading FISA fear:
The deeply serious Heritage Foundation -- and this is real -- has a countdown clock on its frontpage, showing to the second milisecond the time that we all have left before we become -- all together now -- unsafe and unprotected (h/t sysprog):

It is true, of course, that many right-wing polemicists use fearmongering techniques like this manipulatively, to exploit the Terrorist threat for more unchecked government power and to advance their political agenda.

But many of them actually believe this, and there are undoubtedly all sorts of individuals in the U.S. today nervously looking at their clocks, with accelerating heartbeat and a deepening sense of foreboding, knowing that the Hour of Danger is nigh upon us. This pitiful, fear-drenched absurdity is the face of the Bush Movement, the symbol of the post-9/11 Bush Era in the United States.

List of things we should really fear:

1. The deeply serious think tanker wannabes at Heritage Foundation can't even spell the word EXTENSION...

2. The deeply serious think tanker wannabes at Heritage Foundation don't seem to be able to tell the time, since they appear to keep resetting their clock.

At least they fixed the spelling on their count-up clock now. As of this post we are a little over 3 hours past doomed to some kind of Constitutionally protected privacy and about ten hours into LOL from their stupidity.

Are we dead yet?

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