Seymore Hersh - Impeachment - A Constitutional Duty

Just a reminder of what patriotism is all about:
"The voice speaking in this message is Seymour Hersh (Pulitzer Prize winning journalist for the New Yorker) - taken from one of his lectures at the ACLU."

"Remind Congress to uphold it's Constitutional obligation to open an investigation against anyone who has committed crimes against it's country.

For more specific information on the Articles of Impeachment of President George W. Bush, Vice President Richard B. Cheney, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales (ed. note, already GONEzo) - please visit:

These sites can help to find your Congress member's contact information.

Criminals stand trial for their crimes. Period.

Richard Nixon was impeached 2 years after a landslide election victory—for crimes far less incriminating than the Bush Administration. In 1973, 50,000 telegrams to Congress forced them to begin impeachment hearings.

Please visit these sites to learn more specifically about the cases against them and how you can help make sure they don't dodge Justice. This is our country, and we can force the House to Impeach them with your help. It's time to relearn what this country's ideals are based upon.

Send a request yourself:
Nancy Pelosi's fax #: 202-225-8259
John Conyer's fax #: 202-225-0072

Impeachment in 2007 - Our Constitutional Duty."

(h/t grateful dissident and via the freeway blogger)


Disgustipated said...

Why impeachment hasn't happened yet is unfathomable to me..There is some kind of Iraq blindness syndrome going on.. This shit is still going on and yet it is still being funded and allowed. What the hell has happened! The only justice would be to see him and his regime put in Federal Prison!

Connecticut Man1 said...

You can't impeach a war president... Or so the spineless among us might say. Honestly? I think they should be tried at Nuremberg and charged with many of the same crimes.