Republican Deathspin in Overdrive on the Left Coast

Last week I x-posted what I thought was a perfect example republican party hypocrisy and indicative of how serious of a deathspin they are in across the country:

How bad is the current Republican deathspin?

I think this Calitics story on the immigrants hired to run the California republican party really deserves some serious national attention. It is just way too funny on so many levels.

The California Republican Party, they of the anti-illegal immigration platform, have decided that some immigrants are here to do the jobs that Americans won't do - like be their deputy political director.

The California Republican Party has decided no American is qualified to take one of its most crucial positions -- state deputy political director -- and has hired a Canadian for the job through a coveted H-1B visa, a program favored by Silicon Valley tech firms that is under fire for displacing skilled American workers.

Christopher Matthews, 35, a Canadian citizen, has worked for the state GOP as a campaign consultant since 2004. But he recently was hired as full-time deputy political director, with responsibility for handling campaign operations and information technology for the country's largest state Republican Party operation, California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring confirmed in a telephone interview this week.

That's not all, look at the guy who hired him:

Matthews was hired by Michael Kamburowski, an Australian citizen who was hired this year as the state GOP's chief operations officer. But neither new official has experience in managing a political campaign in the nation's most populous state -- and as foreign citizens, neither is eligible to vote.

In fairness to the state GOP, I don't think any Americans really WANT to work for them.

Even the few republican supporters left must see the humour in this given the many right-wingnuts that are against all of the immigrants. Never mind that they can't find any Americans to work for their party. The republican deathspin is that bad.
Oh! But it gets MUCH WORSE than this as more is coming out concerning the Aussie's background (via TPM) and it shows a few problems with his immigration status over the years:

According to this quite hilarious article in the San Francisco Chronicle, the California GOP has hired as its chief operating officer, an Australian national who the Department of Homeland Security has been trying to deport for repeated immigration violations. As recently as Februrary, Michael Kamburowski, was working, rather haplessly, as a real estate agent in the Domincan Republic until he "ran away without mentioning anything to us," according to his one-time boss, Rico Pester, the owner of Re/Max Island Realty, in the resort town of Punta Cana. (Said his Re/Max bio: "With his attention to detail, laid-back yet professional approach, and sense of humor, Michael will smoothen the road to your dream property in Punta Cana.")

Perhaps it is somehow implicitly redundant to note that in the second half of the 1990s Kamburowski was working for Grover Norquist on immigration policy, tort reform and 'paycheck protection' before becoming the executive director of Norquist's Reagan Legacy Project.

Along the way there were a couple of hasty marriages leading shortly to his new brides submitting "Petition for Alien Relative" forms to get him citizenship, various stints as an "aspiring actor" and even a stay at the Wackenhut Correctional Facility in Jamaica, New York courtesy of the Department of Homeland Security.

A money quote from his former boss, Rico Pester, the owner of Re/Max Island Realty:

"I wouldn't give him my company to run, I can tell you that,'' said Rico Pester, the owner of Re/Max Island Realty in the fashionable Caribbean beach region.

Pester said Kamburowski arrived in Punta Cana in the summer of 2006 and "was so successful that he couldn't sell anything the whole time he was here -- and we provided him with clients. He didn't rent anything and he didn't sell anything. ... I have no idea what he was doing.''


"I couldn't understand how somebody like him could become a (Republican Party) COO,'' Pester said in a telephone interview.

It is plainly apparent that across the country, from Connecticut's east coast to California's west coast, the GOP has some serious problems with how their party is being run into the ground.

[update] It seems the left coast Aussie republican COO with all of the immigration problems has left his job. Via Josh Marshal:
Seems he's decided to spend more time with his family and has left the job.

The guy who ran Arnold's reelection campaign, Steve Schmidt, calls Kamburowski's hiring "almost a parody of incompetence and malfeasance."

By which I assume he means the guy's a solid Republican.

Solid? No. Typical? Yes. Sadly, yes...

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