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Fred head comments on Tim Griffin:

Tim Griffin? Who's that?

via wiki:
Journalist and author Greg Palast alleged that Griffin was involved in an effort to target 70,000 voters - students, deployed military personnel and homeless people in predominantly African American and Democratic areas for vote caging during the 2004 election Griffin.[3][4]. Monica Goodling cited in her oral and written testimony to the U.S. House Commitee on the Judiciary on May 23, 2007 that Griffin's alleged vote caging activities were desirable for Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty to be informed of, in relation to Griffin's potential Senate confirmation as a U.S. attorney.[5]


On March 14, 2007 the Arkansas Leader wrote about Griffin his "resignation or dismissal ought to be imminent".[15] Attorney General Alberto Gonzales testified in his January 18, 2007 appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee:[7] "I am fully committed, as the administration's fully committed, to ensure that, with respect to every United States attorney position in this country, we will have a presidentially appointed, Senate confirmed United States attorney."[7] On May 30, 2007, Greg Palast turned over a series of 500 emails — potential evidence of a crime — by request from House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers; that were inadvertently sent to the wrong email address, by Griffin. [1]

On May 30, 2007, Griffin resigned from his position effective June 1, 2007.[16]


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