On Chlorine Bombs and Exploding Kids

While reporting that a U.S. General said "Suicide attacks and car bombings have soared 30 percent in Iraq since the start of a security crackdown in Baghdad last month" at the Pentagon on Friday, Iraqslogger also hits on some other dismal statistics and facts:

Earlier Friday, a Marine commander told reporters, "What you have to understand is that chlorine bombs have more of a psychological effect than they do as a killing effect," the AP reports. Insurgents have launched at least eight chlorine gas attacks lately, including one in Fallujah Wednesday.

"If they'll resort to this, they'll resort to anything," Barbero said.

Barbero also mentioned two recent attacks where children were used as suicide bombers. A teenage boy was killed instantly March 21 in Haditha when a bomb in his backpack detonated, as police pursued a suspicious vehicle nearby, Reuters reported. Days earlier, in Baghdad, a bomb detonated in a car carrying three children in the backseat.

While attacks targeting coalition forces were up, Barbero said the security crackdown had led to 30 percent fewer civilian deaths in Iraq and 50 percent fewer in Baghdad compared to the six weeks preceding the crackdown.

Needless to say, and as a direct result of the failed bush and GOP foreign policies, enrollment in the Jihadists' favourite Alma Martyr is on a huge upswing:

Wouldn't that make a great epitaph for the bush administration and the neoconservative movement that advocated for and supported their policies?

"Life will be great when we're dead"*

* A note to the local FBI that seems to think every joke and snarky comment is a lead: I am not advocating blowing them up or anything... I believe in letting time take care of them all. So please don't waste your resources and our tax dollars like you did on Ken Krayeske. It is a sad statement about this country when you have to add a "Krayeske disclaimer" to every political joke just to be on the safe side. :)

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