Message to the media: Let the Candidates Speak!

Let them all speak!

In no way have I decided which candidates I am considering supporting in the 2008 elections, but I have decided that I am sick and tired of the media trying to shape the debate by giving more face time to their favored choices in the races. Matt Browner Hamelin over at the Chris Dodd Blog has been kind enough to paint an obvious picture:

It is a sad statement on the liberal side of the debate when Wolf Blitzer, a former member of the neocon supporting AIPAC lobbying group and former reporter for the ultra-conservative Jerusalem Post, gets more time to shape and twist the debate than five out of the seven Democratic candidates.

What a joke. Unfortunately, it makes all of the viewers the punchline.

Fortunately Bloggers are out here in today's modern political battlefield to try and bring some balance back to the news. With that thought in mind, many of us in CT's left and the national Blogosphere will be trying to get the voices of the other candidates, voices that are consistantly ignored and maligned by the MSM, a fair shot at being heard.

Here is an example of a real issues candidate, Chris Dodd, that is actually talking about and leading on issues, as he takes hard questions from Bloggers and participants at DailyKos, My Left Nutmeg, Buckeye State Blog, and CT Local Politics and answers them in a very NO BS manner that you don't get to see much of in the televised debates:

Keep watching Connecticut's Blogosphere, as many of us will do our best to get the messages out from the candidates that, apparently, the MSM would rather you not see. We will also be demanding a more equitable share of debate time because we want a fair process.

Wolf Blitzer
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Don't you think you deserve a fair picture of where every candidate stands on the issues?


The Mad Liberal said...

hey, thanks again for the tips. the link stuff wasn't so bad. I picked it up quickly, and it does look much better ;)

I'll check out that other site too. Thanks for your help.

oh, do you know anyone that wants to do a counter-show to that BigTurd guy? THAT would be fun.

Connecticut Man 1 said...

Yer welcome! :)