Another Response To ctblogger's Comcast Campaign

Previously I put up a video where BigTurd exhibits his true xenophobic and racist colors. ctblogger has put together another video that pretty much sums up the rules that BigTurd has broken edited together with the video evidence of BigTurds offending statements:

I like this response, below, because it pretty much sums up how I feel about freedom of speech in a straightforward and to the point way:
To whom it concern:

Tom Bennet´s show on Comcast´s public access channel should be removed.

On the May 18 show he clearly violates both F.C.C. regulations and Comcast´s own regulations: No material which incites violent or harmful acts on other persons.

In at least three instances on May 18, he says that undocumented immigrants should be "shot" or "killed."

I am an adamant supporter of free speech, in general, and no friend to censorship, but, this type of speech IS NOT protected under F.C.C. regulations NOR is it protected under the rules and regulations of Comcast. In fact, it may very likely be illegal.

Many members of my family are immigrants, including my wife, several uncles,
and others, as are many of our friends.

I find this material extremely abhorrent and unconscionably offensive. Both my business and my home currently use Comcast products, and we enjoy their use, however, if Tom Bennet is not removed from the air forthwith, I will seek other solutions, as will my friends and other members of my family.

Normally I would suggest using our own form of freedom of speech in a letter campaign to advertisers of certain shows in order to get someone yanked by pure market pressures, that is not censorship since the offenders are still free to spew their twisted messages BUT the marketplace has determined that they are not a viable product.

In this case there are no sponsors of BigTurd's shows, since he is on public access (if he relied on sponsors I don't think the show would exist, to be honest), but the rules of the public access channel provide a mechanism for controlling threatening statemensts which may incite violent acts.

In this case we are not censoring the turd, he has effectively censored himself through his own statements, we are only trying to ensure that Comcast's rules, legitimate rules, are enforced.

And I would note that BigTurd would still be free to stand on Danbury's street corners and spew his hatred to anyone that would pay attention to a lunatic like himself. Heck, he could still have a parade through the streets of Danbury to celebrate his warped views any time he wanted... Well, maybe not. heh

To contact Comcast concerning the BigTurd's show:
Please keep the pressure on Comcast and tell them to do the right thing.

Dave King: Head Coordinator, Comcast Public Access
Phone: 203-792-1265
Email: Dave_King@cable.comcast.com

Candiann Roswell, Public Access Coordinator
Phone: 203-792-1265
Email: Candiann_Roswell2@cable.comcast.com

When emailing Comcast, please cc: HatCityBLOG (hatcityblog@yahoo.com) so we can place your message on the site (privacy will be honored).

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