Is the Bus Strike Really Settled?

The NewsTimes is reporting that some drivers are getting a little pissed again:
All-Star Transportation school bus driver Wendy Demers was fuming Friday afternoon that her weekly paycheck did not contain a promised raise and retroactive wages.


"They promised the raises for a change to get a 'yes' vote and they got their 'yes' vote, so now give us our money.''


For the 23 veteran drivers there was to be an immediate $250 bonus and another $250 in the fall. Several said they received the first bonus this week after complaining to the union representatives that they had not gotten them last week. But they are still waiting for the retroactive pay raises.

All-Star transportation is saying that the contract has yet to be ratified, and the Board of Education Chairman Wendy Faulenbach is hoping the drivers will remain patient concerning any misunderstangs about the contract process.

I sure as heck hope this is just the process and nothing more.

The school board is still looking at recouping losses due to the failure to provide the services in the contract that All-Star Transportation signed.
"We are monitoring the bus driver situation daily,'' Faulenbach said.

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