The Heart of Corrupticut

ctblogger and tparty at MLN says it all ends with a loving hug:

"I know Lou.... He loves helping people."
- Sen. John McKinney, R-Fairfield

"This is a very difficult personal family situation. It is my understanding that the senator cooperated fully, that he recognizes it was poor judgment and recognizes that his behavior was unacceptable,"
- Gov. Jodi Rell, R

"I went in and gave him a hug... I've known him a long time. We're not only elected officials, but we all have loved ones and family members who we would protect. All families have issues."
- Rep. Stephen Dargan, D-West Haven

"I can't think of a more honest, upright and straightforward guy than Lou DeLuca... I stand up for him, regardless of party."
- Rep. William R. Dyson, D

“I can't think of a guy who's more straight and honest and above board than Lou DeLuca... I can't help but believe that in the final analysis of whatever has taken place there would be a resolution on it and I think he will be vindicated.”
- Rep. Dyson, again

"I can't think of anybody who is more of a family man.... His grandchildren at one time or another have lived with him as his children have gone through troubles."
- Richard Crane, first selectman of Woodbury, R

"I am so disgusted to hear that [Sen. Prague had called for DeLuca's resignation]... She is a disgrace if she said that."
- Rep. Lawrence Cafero, R-Norwalk

"We agree on nothing. I used to tell him, `You never met an insurance company you didn't like.' He used to tell me, `You never met a labor union you didn't like.' But he's a good man,"
- Biagio Ciotto, former Democratic senator, after hugging DeLuca on Friday

WTF? Those Democratic party members are in on this shitbag Republican's lovefest?

But where does it all begin:

Okay, lets recap what we know about Minority leader "Loony" Louie DeLuca regarding his association with trashman James Galante (you know, the guy from Danbury with mob connections...)

DeLuca and Galante met in 2001 when Galante made a large contribution to a charitable cause sponsored by DeLuca. DeLuca had Galante named Italian-American of the year by the Italian-American legislative caucus.

Authorities also said DeLuca promised an undercover agent that he would use his influence to discover anything that could hurt Galante, and "blunt it as best I can." However, he rejected the agent's offered $5,000 bribe, according a law enforcement arrest affidavit.

Now that alone should raise the eyebrows of the so called "party of morality" at the Capitol... at least you would think.

It should raise the eyebrows of every citizen. So should the fact that any politician thinks that they can stand up for this kind of BULLSHIT behaviour from any other politician.


a rose is a rose said...

after all there is only one more episode left of the sopranos...we have to get our fix somewhere don't we?

(by the way, my last name ends in a vowel)

Connecticut Man 1 said...

I don't watch the Sopranos, though I have seen a few episodes. I prefer comedy, action/adventure OR news.

IMHO, Vowels aren't any different than the other letters in the alphabet. All people use them, either in the begining, middle and end of lots of words.