Right Partisan Thoughts on Dodd

As you listen to JimK talk about Kerry and Dodd's planned visits to the Middle East:
Right Thoughts - Dodd Plans Trip To Middle East:
"I’m far more concerned with the idea of two Senators from an opposing party blatantly and openly undermining the sitting President in matters of foreign policy. This kind of behavior has consequences that go well beyond the next two years of Bush’s term.

It’s time to get past this cheerleading for the Dems or the GOP and start thinking about how this dirty political pool is affecting the way we can govern this nation going forward."

Well JimK, when are you going to get past the partisan political cheerleading? You are real quick to paint Kerry and Dodd as having undermined the president and even suggested they are breaking laws, even though the fact is they have not and will not break any laws on their trips.

But if you were really being honest about the paritsan cheerleading your diary would have mentioned the treacherous and traitorous Republican Specter:
Nelson said he reported the information to embassy officials and will brief his congressional committees on the trip. Also expected to visit Syria is Sens. John Kerry, D-Mass., Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., and Arlen Specter, R-Pa..

"We don't think that members of Congress ought to be going there," White House press secretary Tony Snow said, adding that the United States continues to denounce Syria's meddling in Lebanon and its ties to terrorist groups.
It is highly appropriate that Tony Snow starts off the sentence there with "We don't think...", obviously a common problem on the right side of the aisle. If you are going to make a big stink about the Democratic politicians supposedly undermining the president then you show absolutely no bi-partisan spirit by ignoring Arlen Specter. You are just cheerleading against Democratic politicians, and are far more partisan than the people you complain about.

About the only thing that hits the mark in JimK's post:
As I also stated, Bush clearly allowed this (via the State Department) because he’s afraid to tell two Democrats they can’t go. Congress and the press would descend like vultures on a corpse. It’s more evidence that his status as a lame duck is pretty much confirmed…

Yes! Mr. Bush is a lame duck... But he is happy they went, though he is too much of a wimp to admit it in public, and Mr. Bush is praying that those bi-partisan politicians can save his sorry little partisan-GOP-ass.



fuzzyturtle said...

I dunno.. the Bush administration likes to have something to whine about. This way they can go ON and ON about how Dodd is 'ruining' their nonexistant foreign policy.. so when it doesn't work, they have a new person/group of people to point a finger at.

Specter creeps me out. After what could be called a character assasination of Anita Hill, I find it hard to stomach anything he says or does. I knoe it was a long time ago (1991) but her hearings really hit home for me, and other women I worked with.

Hows the sign coming along? And did you hear what happened in Belgium? What a riot.

Connecticut Man1 said...

WOW! I missed that Belgium story entirely... That is kindof Orwellian.

I got some paint, I had the tarp already, and a few ideas. But I am thinking the tarp I have may be too big. I might have to cut it into 2 so I may have to make 2 signs! lol

fuzzyturtle said...

found another article for you.. this one gives me the chills its fron a few days ago : Administration asks to keep Cheney logs secret, Justice Department seeks to reverse order to reveal vice president’s visitors

the last line almost made me cry. A lawsuit over similar records revealed in September that Republican activists Grover Norquist and Ralph Reed — key figures in the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal — landed more than 100 meetings inside the Bush White House.

Can they do this?? I hope this story does not fall thru the cracks.. the person who forewarded it to me is good at trolling around for followups, but if you see anything related let me know.