Daily Kos: Where NOT to Work if You are Gay

A quick guide from the Human Rights Camapaign:
Where NOT to Work if You are Gay
The Human Rights Campaign has released it’s "Buying for Equality 2007" ratings.

It’s a guide we GLBTs can use when job hunting. (And this is not trifling issue. In 33 states, you can still be fired for being gay; in 43 states, for being transgendered.)...snip...

The two "0" scores are:

  • Exxon-Mobile (Esso).

  • Meijer

Only five companies rated at the next worst level, score 15:

  • Nestle Purina (Alpo, Beggin’ Strips, Fancy Featst, Friskies, T Bonz).

  • H. J. Heinz Co. (Clasico, Ore Ida, Smart Ones, Weight Watchers)

  • Nissan North America (Infiniti). (NOT to be confused with Toyota Motor Sales USA; Lexus Scion, which scored 90)

  • Bayer (Aleve, Alka-Sletzer, Femstat 3, Midot, One-A-Day, Flintstones Vitamins)

  • Cracker Barrel Restaurants

Other "Red" companies (rating 45 and below) are: HERE in daulton's diary at dKos.

There are also links to the full guide if you want to read it.

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