Rangel Did Not Say That?

Oh! Yes he did...
NYO - News Story 1:
"“I never understand that question,” answered Charlie Rangel, the incoming chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. “You have a President that’s in deep shit. He got us into the war, and all the reasons he gave have been proven invalid, and the whole electorate was so pissed off that they got rid of anyone they could have, and then they ask, ‘What is the Democrats’ solution?’”"
Yes, it is sad that they only gets around to asking the Democratic party members their opinions AFTER they have just completely and totally handed the GOP the biggest political ass-whooping in the last half-a-century... And, yes, it is sad about the fact that those same Democratic members couldn't even get air time to be asked those questions until Mr. Bush was wading in "IT" up to his neck. This is what exemplifies the pitiful state of the MSM today.

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