Shays Trying to Pass the Buck on Iraq

Sorry There Shays... You and your GOP broke Iraq, you bought it.
Rep. Christopher Shays (R-CT) claimed that “the Democrats may not want to own Iraq but they own it now as much as this President.”
The GOP controlled House and Senate, and the bush White House, wanted Iraq. And even though the Democratic party won't take over until January sessions the irresponsible republican children are already trying to pawn blame off on Democratic members for past GOP mistakes.

Go sit in your partisan corner with your pet Lieberman and STFU.


fuzzyturtle said...

Shays was on some talk show about an hour ago (Situation Room? Chris Matthews? I wasn't watching, the 'guy i live with that I call husband' was watching) and I told him 'Let me know if they ask him about the whole 'Sex is Torture' deal, what a PERV'. But either it didn't come up or husband started watching Scrubs on TiVo.

In any event, happy unTurkey day (not sure if you 'do' the holiday, or if you stick to the one in October).

Connecticut Man1 said...

We have always had two turkey days a year... :) Happy Thanksiving to you and yours!