Bush's Definitive "Big Push" Talking Point

I hate GOP talking points. They are dishonest. The MSM repeats them unquestioningly and unchallenged, and it hurts any chances of bipartisan politics when the MSM is highly partisan in its coverage.

Here is a beuty picked up early on by "The Aristocrats Blog" that has slipped under most people's radar...

Bush: "The final push" - "A last big push"

Dems: "Benchmarks"

Which one of those messages sends a definitive amount of time that the insurgents has to wait out our forces before they return chaos to the streets of Iraq? Benchmarks are flexible, FINAL and LAST are pretty definitive. Are the Dems telegraphing a message to the insurgents of how long they have to wait us out OR is the Bush admin. doing that? What does the media say?

Bullshit like the MSM repeating GOP talking points like this unchallenged, all the while picking apart the Dems POV, has got to stop.

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