Lieberman Thinking of Sending More Troops to Iraq?

Did anyone catch Joe Lieberman thinking about sending more troops to Iraq on Meet the Press when he was on with McCain?
McCain and Lieberman Express Support For Sending More Troops to Iraq: "McCAIN: The question is, is what’s the solution? And I believe that a withdrawal or a date for withdrawal will lead to chaos in the region, and most military expercent think the same thing. I believe that there are a lot of things that we can do to salvage this, but they all require the presence of additional troops.


RUSSERT: Should we send more troops?

LIEBERMAN: I think we have to be open to that as a way to succeed, to achieve a free and independent Iraq, which would be an extraordinary accomplishment."

What do the Generals say about the Lieberman and McCain idea?

We already know that sending more troops is not a real option.


fuzzyturtle said...

..and meanwhile Lebanon has been pretty much overthrown politically by Iran-Syria. I just heard Pierre Gemayel was assassinated in Beirut.. I can't tell you how bad this is for that country.

The Bush administration may as well just hand Iraq over to the Shi'a at this point. :(

Connecticut Man1 said...

bush has made a complete mess of the entire middle east.