Courant Echoes Lieberman's Debunked GOP Talking Point

Not like this hasn't been shot down enough on the Blogs already:
courant.com | Mood Swing On Iraq:

"'A congressional mandate to begin a withdrawal from Iraq in a time certain would be a disaster for the Iraqis and, more directly, for the U.S.,' Lieberman said.

But even Lieberman was looking for an endpoint. At the hearing, he told Gen. John Abizaid, head of the U.S. Central Command, that he hoped the general would 'not hesitate' to ask Bush for a troop increase if necessary.

'It may be that a short-term increase in our forces there, embedded with [Iraqi troops], will be the best way for us to more quickly get to a point where we can actually draw down our forces,' Lieberman said.

His comments illustrated a key difference between pre- and post-election rhetoric: Lawmakers of all stripes understand things are not going well and are clearly searching for some way out.

Just to be clear on this: Joe Lieberman is full of shit, and so is McCain. Sending more troops will only make more targets for the insurgents AND send all of the wrong messages to the Iraq government and people.

It is the epitome of playing politics with soldiers lives when they put forth "ideas" that are nothing more than GOP talking points designed to deflect the medias' attention from the the American voters desire to get out of Iraq.

You really want more soldiers in Iraq Joe?

If you are going to talk the talk, then walk the fucking walk: US Army recruiting. You, Joe "chickenbawk" Lieberman, sign up and put your partisan ass on the line if you really believe the BS you are spouting.

Otherwise... Just STFU!

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