Rangel Wrestles With Political Elitists Again

As a means of protecting the average American kid from the elitists in this country Rangel offers up the draft:
House Democrat wants draft reinstated

Americans would have to sign up for a new military draft after turning 18 under a bill the incoming chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee says he will introduce next year.

Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., said Sunday he sees his idea as a way to deter politicians from launching wars.

"There's no question in my mind that this president and this administration would never have invaded
Iraq, especially on the flimsy evidence that was presented to the Congress, if indeed we had a draft and members of Congress and the administration thought that their kids from their communities would be placed in harm's way," Rangel said.

Rangel, a veteran of the Korean War who has unsuccessfully sponsored legislation on conscription in the past, has said the all-volunteer military disproportionately puts the burden of war on minorities and lower-income families.

The best way to stop the political greed spurred on by the industrial-military machine that funds it is to put their kids necks on the line too.

Does anyone think Bush would have chosen to invade Iraq without an honest reason if his twit-twins would have had to be drafted?

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