Time Travel Guide to Health Care

Go look at the pictographs, read the little comments on the sides of them and see if you notice some seriously messed up patterns there? That is the link to the wasted money we dump into our for-profit system, though, they try to justify it as the investment we make in innovation. You kind of have to squint and look sideways at the right side top of the page - under "Related" - to find the links to the next part. But the information there is pretty relevant and paints an accurate depiction of many of the problems with our broken system.


opit said...

I've been following Ezra Klein - not at much as used to the last few years - and consider him a real health care wonk. I wanted to make sure this caught your attentionhttp://www.prospect.org/cs/articles?article=the_health_of%20nations

The GOP are not clueless. They merely lie according to a program followed by all media which does not involve disputing facts but rather shaping perceptions : a mindwashing concept which plays on human psychology. I've collected a number of links detailing the operation of the Overton Window and media control - something known for a long while but now dominated by Pentagon spin control. Mountain Runner blogs current thought on public diplomacy - now a concern since Russia, Israel and the Saudis have entered the game.


Connecticut Man1 said...

"Don't think of an elephant!"

I don't consider myself an expert on frames but I do know how to spot many of them and realize the dishonesty the GOP has used in trying to tug at gut feelings instead of exploring the real facts. The media has been complicit in their lack of fact checking.

The reality is that every argument is a frame... But some are inherently dishonest.

Part of the reason we have seen such a large swath of the population walk away from the GOP is the fact that as one frame the GOP had used fell, it would take another one with it and continued in a dominoe like effect with almost all of their frames.

As for Ezra Klein? He may be considered a health care policy wonk in political and media circles - the corporate floggers that would like nothing more than for him to be the left's spokesperson on health care - but I think the reasoning for that is that he has been toeing the line on corporate owned for profit death dealing.

Recently, Klein has been arguing for some seriously indefensible positions on health care. And looking rather silly in the process.

And Klein wonders why we, in the single payer camp, are better at this than he is? Facts and numbers... We have the facts on our side and we have the population that support our side because they do understand the facts.

On the issue of health care, either Klein is stupid OR he has sold out? To be honest, it doesn't matter to me what he writes on health care anymore.

BTW: The American Prospect link you put in there leads to blank page.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Just a note: That may seem like a harsh criticism of Klein but, IMHO, it is well deserved on the health care issue. On other topics he may be the left's friend. On health care: He is the enemy - not just the left's enemy but the majority of Americans.

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opit said...

I hate it when URLs don't work. I do run a program to check them...but nothing's perfect.
I haven't routinely followed Ezra for years : I just have fond memories of the threads at Pandagon and then his first personal self-named blog, where young idealists kicked around policy ideas. Naive as all get out, of course, but refreshing.
A lot of stuff was saved on a utility later bought by Diigo back then - Furl. I'm guessing most is gone.
BTW I'm setting up at opitslinkfest.blogspot and will likely stay there as Opera is returning 404s on files. I've also put some posts at TPM cafe as Opit.

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