GOP Votes Against Biggest Tax Cut In History

And the GOP is clueless as to what just happened:

The compromise stimulus plan includes $282 billion in tax cuts over two years.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Bush's first two years of tax cuts amounted to $174 billion. A second batch in 2004 and 2005 cost $231. And those were thought to be bigger than the tax cuts offered by Reagan, Kennedy or others.

As much as I was against most of the tax cuts, since we really need the money to bail out the failed republican economy of the bush years, it will be entertaining to watch the far right wing try to explain this.

[update] Just something fun to do when you are a sometime insomniac:

[ed. Note] Originally posted - 2/14/2009 12:52:00 AM Bump.


People in the Sun said...

Hmm... I didn't think about it this way. Poor guys can't even keep a straight face anymore when they do their talking points.

Connecticut Man1 said...

I don't like some of Obama's positions, and I will howl into the wind about it all like the liberal that I am. But this is somewhat disappointing and schadenfreudishly satifying all at once.

They have to look forward to this being thrown at them in the 2010 elections: "You, Mr. Faux Conservative, voted against the biggest tax cut in history."

It is a campaign ad that has written itself.

Connecticut Man1 said...

And, unlike the bush years, these tax cuts are aimed at the middle class. Not the uber rich that got most of the benefit from bush tax cuts.

Anonymous said...

This is such a GREAT point! I about fell off my chair when I read it - now, I'm going to steal it for chat time with my wingnut-in-laws...but, always with compassionate concern in my tone, of course.

Connecticut Man1 said...

They are so interested in obstruction they are failing even their most hardcore constituents on their own pet issues. But don't expect this fact to impress them too much. The few GOP supporters that remain are pre-conditioned to tune out reality.

Nick said...

And, unlike the bush years, these tax cuts are aimed at the middle class.

And about time too! I never noticed any "tax cut" from the Bush/Cheney Make the Rich Richer tax policy.

The Republicans are complete hypocrites. They didn't have any problem with massive deficit spending and bloated budgets when a Republican was in the White House.

Connecticut Man1 said...

The largest government ever created in the history of the USA... Homeland Security. Under Bush and the conservatives in power.

Mr. And Mrs. GOP: Please tell me more about small government, tax cuts and government spending?

Connecticut Man1 said...

OOPS! Should read "The largest AND MOST COSTLY government BUREAUCRACY ever created in the history of the USA... Homeland Security"

Distributorcap said...

the gop is against ANYTHING obama is for, and they probably saw that the tax cuts didnt go to rich white folks - so they have to be against that

Connecticut Man1 said...

And that is pretty much the truth, Dcap. "You want to give middle class a tax cut??? WHHAAAAT? Commies! all of of you!"

Representative Kimble said...

I hate Obama...but I love tax cuts. Curse you and your video! (oh and thanks for rating mine)

Nate Peele

Connecticut Man1 said...

There is the truth. Even people that don't like Obama have to hate what they just witnessed. The Democratic party delivering the largest tax cut in history, and the Republicans voting against it.

And you are welcome! For the curse and the rating... :)

Anonymous said...

I am so looking forward to my additional $13 dollars a week. I'm sure that this bloated stinking pile of legislation will stimulate something, maybe the unchecked growth of an already distended government. But go on, revell in your demise. 2010 will be proof enough that liberal socialism is not what Americans want.

Connecticut Man1 said...

"maybe the unchecked growth of an already distended government."

From the GOP that created the bloated Homeland Security? Please... lol

We understand that your plan was to try and drown government in debt and privatized monstrosities in the hopes of leaving nothing for any social safety nets. And then try to point your finger at it and say government is bad.

Government is not bad, leadership in the GOP is bad for government and failed.

Corporatist views that have contributed to the downfall of the GOP, and continue to subvert what real conservatism used to be about, has guaranteed that this downward spiral of the GOP will continue.

There is as much a difference between socialism and the more moderate liberalism as there is a difference between corporatism/fascism and the more moderate conservatism movement that have left the GOP.

I understand that the more fanatical elements remaining in the GOP will go down kicking and screaming. You have provided a prime example of that.

Eventually that extremism will be relegated to an unelectable wimper that even the GOP will no longer tolerate. Either that or the GOP will follow those people into obscurity.

At present, the GOP is desperately trying to create the appearance that they have removed themselves from their neoconservative embrace that helped ensure their failure. But it is not working. Because the corporatism that thrived in their corrupt culture refuses to let go of the GOP. You are all stuck together like a dog in heat.

Life As I Know It Now said...

oh boy ;)

well I hadn't looked at the issue as you have framed it and yeah, let it be a club to beat those goppers in 2010 with.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for my 13 dollars a week. Now I can help the economy. Not only can I go back to getting pepperoni on my weekly take-out pizza, I can have 2-3 glasses of (domestic) beer while I wait for it.
Of course next year when this huge tax break drops to 7 dollars, I'll have to give up one or the other.

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Anonymous said...

The 'tards didn't make any mistakes; those tax cuts aren't for the RIGHT people. The 'tards have never had a problem with the poor and middle class paying all the taxes.

Connecticut Man1 said...

And that is the point, jolly roger. It is much like this economic disaster which, IMHO, the bush admin. knew was coming down the pike since at least 2003. They just purposely stalled it long enough to unleash it on the next admin.. And, if I were a gambling man, I would be willing to bet bush cronies are the ones that are raking in all of the money that this disaster capitalism is shoveling out of our economy.