The lack of applause at McCain events...

... has, obviously, made McCain seem even more bitter than before. It is unclear if the lack of applause at McCain events is: due to a lack of prizes for this kind of support: due to the lack of warm bodies like this at McCain events to supply applause - Sure, the tiny crowds that bother to show up clap a little at McCain events but it is nowhere near the enthusiasm of the huge crowds at an Obama event; due to McCain's complete lack of credibility on nearly every issue?

John McCain in 2008!
The best of the worst the GOP has to offer!
"The jobs are never coming back,
the illegals are never going home,
but we’re gonna have a lot more wars."

I can't understand why more people aren't drawn to McCain's petrified brand of negativity, bigotry and eternal warmongering?


Beach Bum said...

A presidential Capt. Philip Francis Queeg.

Connecticut Man1 said...

McQueeg. Too Funny!