How does your Connecticut internet connection stack up?

Right now, the US is falling way behind in relation to the average speed of internet connections when compared to the a lot of other countries:
The second annual speedmatters.org survey of actual Internet speeds of users nationwide shows that the United States has not made significant improvements in deploying high-speed broadband networks in the past year. Our nation continues to lag behind other industrial nations and currently is ranked 15th in the percentage of residents who have broadband access.
Important to note here is that other countries aren't spending any more on their monthly bill than us for their internet connections but they are getting faster connections for their dollar.

How does Connecticut fare in comparison to the rest of our lagging nation?
Connecticut Speed Test Results
Over the last year, people who live in
Connecticut have gone to the speedmatters.org
site to take an Internet speed test and measure
how fast their computers can upload and
download data. The results of the speed test
show that the Internet speeds of people who
live in Connecticut, like those of the entire
country, lag behind.

Connecticut Internet Speed Test
World Median Download Speed
Ranking (megabits per second)
  • 1 Japan 63.60
  • 2 South Korea 49.50
  • 3 Finland 21.70
  • 4 France 17.60
  • 8 Canada 7.60
  • 15 United States 2.35
International data from the Information Technology and Innovation
Foundation. U.S. data from speedmatters.org test results. Most test
participants had DSL or cable modem connections.
Just a little bit faster than the rest of the USA but way behind the world leaders in connectivity.

Results for other states are available here. It is also where you can take the test yourself to compare your own connection to everyone else's.

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