Do you support Bush as much as McCain does?

Just some food for thought:
"When the American public disapproves of Bush's Presidency more and more each day, why does McCain continue to increase his support of such increasingly unpopular policies and positions?"

Do you really want to be electing a president that will continue down the same failed path Bush has laid out? Do you really support the incompetent neocon fantasies that both Bush and McCain have consistently supported and embraced?

[update] Shays' continued support for most of the Bush administration's failed ideas is just as bad as McCain's ridiculous positions:
As their interviews in the above piece show, the differences between the two candidates on the economy could not be clearer. While Jim will protect Social Security and has proposed real middle-class tax relief, Congressman Shays continues to both proudly support privatizing Social Security and defends the failed Bush economic policies of the last eight years.
They also have a Crazy Shaysie video up there that is worth a peek... We simply cannot afford Chris Shays unfairly increasing the middle class' taxburden anymore. And I sure as heck don't want him messing up my retirement with another of the GOP's failed privatizing government schemes that amount to nothing more than corporate welfare for GOP donors and supporters.


Beach Bum said...

Great ad, I hope more see it.

Connecticut Man1 said...

I agree. There are better ads coming out of the Blogosphere than the paid campaign advisers this season. At least, there are on the left side.