Chris Shays: Running Up YOUR Tax Burden

Anderson Scooper at 4th street news has an interesting post up on Chris Shays politcal courage in standing up for tax cuts for the rich and against helping the middle class:
"Shays' stated views on which taxes should be lowered: slightly decrease corporate income taxes, slightly decrease the capital gains tax, (meaning even further), and greatly decrease the inheritance tax, which I take to mean doing away with it altogether.

As a side note, it's interesting that Shays wants to increase spending across the board, except for agricultural spending and a national missile defense.

Combining the two, does that make Chris Shays a borrow and spend Republican? It sure seems to!"
Is there any other kind of republican these days? As for Jim Himes position on this? He put out his Middle Class Tax Relief plan on July 22nd:

Today in Stamford, Jim Himes announced a plan for middle-class tax relief plan that will help middle-class families in three important ways: by expanding college tuition tax credits to make college affordable again, by creating a new tax credit for first-time homebuyers to make it easier for families to buy their first home, and by expanding the saver's credit to help middle‐class families build wealth for the future. The plan would restore opportunity and the American Dream for middle-class families by helping them afford college, buy their first home, and save for the future.

Read the full plan here: (pdf)


Anderson Scooper said...

hey, thanks for the link. I can use the traffic.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Can't we all? lol Yer welcome. :)

ThePoliticalCat said...

Well, good, 'cause I linked to your post, Stephen, so that'll give Anderson Scooper some linky love too.

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Connecticut Man1 said...

Up to my armpits in boxes (some of them half unpacked) and busy as all hell because I am trying to help organize a trip for a bunch of hockey fans to the center of the the hockey universe (Montreal) and I won't even be able to go because it is a week before the elections.

We were officially out of our "home" and into our "house" as of Monday.