Why Are "Serious People" The Last To Know?

Reading this entire piece by Anne-Marie Slaughter is as painful as watching a one armed boxer that does not realize they are too punch drunk to enter the ring ever again... And not understanding "why?" they should never have taken up the sport to begin with.

It is not just that the Joe Kleins, Bill Kristols, and every other punch drunk hawk pundit wannabe on both the right and the left has been so wrong on so many important topics... But every metric they have used to come to their failed decisions has been equally as wrong as well. When it came to Iraq, the bell hadn't even wrung yet and they were all out cold on the mat.

To put it simply? No, we will never trust any of your suggestions, ideas or your reasoning ever again. No, we will not ask you for your opinions. And No! Don't bother to offer them. Not from any of you "Serious People" going through life ignorant of your own serious deficiencies when it comes to critical thinking.

Stop Gotcha Politics on Iraq?

Try this one on:

Stop thinking we take any of you seriously...

I was going to tear some of this piece up later.
But... Ding! Ding! Ding!
Don't bother putting your gloves on...
The knockout punch has already landed.


krasicki said...


The links you provide are priceless, the Greenwald piece being of particular clarity.

Slaughter is a self-serving fool. IMO, what was important at the time was that Bush could not be trusted as Commander in Chief of the armed forces. His administration's subversion of their mission could not be more self-serving or evil.

Sufficient evidence existed in the public domain to express convincing doubt that the so-called intelligence that was being used to justify the Bush vendetta with Saddam was nothing less than a wholesale sham.

Those of us who objected to the war were not so much right but horrified that the national interest could be high-jacked with such obvious bald-faced lies and with no national interest in sight.

Being right is being left scarred not self-righteous. When someone who was right looks in retrospect at the carnage, disgrace, and descent into national dementia that fallowed the decision to go to war, one cannot ever feel the same about the politics of those who empowered Bush, Cheney, Rice, and Powell.

There are no altruistic lessons to be learned from thi sdebacle but the global, unclothed public spectacle of America's monsters trumping the petty tyrannies of puppets like Saddm is not lost on the rest of the world.

And for all the rhetoric of getting our troops out of Iraq, Bush and Cheney's mad, eternal triumph will be that this is a war without end for this country. As it consumes our national resources and interests so it consumes our national soul.

There is no way out of this one - we will soon wish there were.

- krasicki

Connecticut Man1 said...

"There is no way out of this one - we will soon wish there were."

While I agree with this, there is a path that can lead us in the direction of coming out of it better off than we are... It starts with putting the criminals in handcuffs.

It won't solve all of the problems, but it would show the world that we are, at the very least, trying to do better and heading in the right direction again.