Has Clinton Hit The Bottom Of The Sink Yet?

Not yet? Either Clinton or her supporters seem to be digging in desperation or...

UMMM? I yanked this screencap from the site. Is that supposed to resemble a black man hanging in that YouTube cartoon there? I'm not sayin' but, ya know... Well? Of all the screngrabs they could have picked in that video. That seems pretty darn intentional.

Add to that the Al Jolson look of the character "Felix the Cat" to begin with. WTF are those people thinking? Is hillaryis44.org an "official" Clinton campaign site?


Nelson M. said...

I'm telling you CTMan, I'm losing patience with some of the pro-Hillary blogs. I want to call them out, but I don't want to burn a whole lot of bridges with generally like-minded people.

In this case I think it's certainly debatable whether race was implied, if nothing else for the fact that Felix is pitch black. Maybe being tied up was a coincidence.

I think there's a general pushing of the envelope going on. Bill came out saying that a Hillary-McCain matchup would be between two candidates who love America. I mean, where's the outrage? If Hillary's camp believes she has a 10% chance, then the probability Bill is using right wing talking points to damage the Democratic nominee is 90%.

It seems people are so invested in her candidacy that they are suspending reality.

I'm not saying Obama supporters are perfect, but most I've seen don't pick up on any negative talking point simply to help Obama. For example, Booman and others called out ABC for bringing up the Monica thing with respect to the release of Hillary's schedules. There are common sense lines you don't cross, that too many Hillary supporters are routinely.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Being that I am not a Democratic party member, nor a Dem Blog - just a liberal here. No more, no less - I am less worried about bridges burning.

And given the fact that I have defended Hillary at times with some of the unfair attacks from the right wing even though I would never, EVER, vote for her...

I am no longer willing to watch them burn a candidate without pointing out what I think are outrageous attacks.

I understand the problem for those inside the Dem party, BUT people like that will never be my allies.

It is a luxury I can afford as an outsider looking in.