Chris Shays Killer's Eyes

Via tparty (who works for Jim Himes) at My Left Nutmeg:
It sounds like Ted Mann asked the wrong question:
"The Iraqis," said Shays, before briefly threatening to end the interview on the subject, "are starting to like us, and that's a fact."

The congressman grew animated when asked if that was not an anecdotal judgment, explaining that he had gauged the opinion of Iraqis by going "outside the umbrella of the military" on his frequent visits to the country.

It is a bit of a sore spot, I suppose. In 2008, on the five year anniversary of the invasion, Shays says he regrets his vote on the IWR because we didn't find any WMD in Iraq:

"Knowing what I know now, I would not have voted (for it), on two accounts," said Shays, of the 4th District in Fairfield County, in a phone interview. "One, there weren't weapons of mass destruction. But the second count is if I had known how poorly we would fight the war the first three and a half years. So, you know we made horrendous mistakes."
Yet way back in 2006, when the war was a mere three and a half years old, Shays said we should have gone into Iraq "sooner" and "not for WMD"
MLN has the video of Shays being crazy, as per usual.

Chris Shays is no different than bush or McCain. They are all bloodthirsty warmongers in the GOP.

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Fade said...

Yes, yes, and Yes.
And the more the men who fought this war and the men who are still fighting this war talk about how ridiculous staying there forever and killing them (til we are BFF?) the more the average Joe on the street can seriously take the idea of complete withdrawal from Iraq.