“I am a Republican, and at times I’m embarrassed"

No! Not me, silly. Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is embarrassed:
“I am a Republican, and at times I’m embarrassed by the lack of cooperation that this president and his appointees have had with the legislative branch,” said Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) in a hearing yesterday. “There is a seething resentment by members of Congress who are Republicans by the fact that this administration has not even cooperated with us.”
Does any one really feel sorry for you and the other Republicans because YOU put that idiot in the White House? Nope! You reap what you have sewn. And you, Dana Rohrabacher, should take personal responsibility for what you and your fellow Republicans have done to this nation. Don't try and play the "bush victimized us!" card... We aren't buying it.

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