Cue Right Wing Heads Simultaneously Exploding Across the US

Where did all of these rocks come from?

Remnants of Republicans hearing about the latest from the McCain Silly Walk Express, of course! Via ctblogger, Keith Olbermann speculates on McCain/Lieberman for 2008...

ctblogger says to "Get your Dump Joe buttons ready."

Personally? I think Republicans are too greedy to share all of those rocks in their heads with the rest of us. Even so, they already aren't too happy about the prehistoric presidential nominee being in the lead based on the promise of a 100 year occupation of Iraq, and they aren't about to trade a bunch of rocks to add Joe neocon Lieberman to that lead-lined ticket... Even if it would be enough excitement to make David Broder wet himself in glee, Republicans will not do this because it would crack the Republican base even more than it it already is.

They aren't really fighting to win an election in 2008... They are fighting amongst themselves trying to decide how AND if they can keep their base together with this pitiful crop of GOP candidates.

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