$720 million per day for Iraq occupation


It only costs $720 million per day to pay for the occupation of Iraq. Can you think of better ways to spend this money?

"Sign the petition to defund the war, and refund human needs today."


Billy Jack said...

It's almost amusing how the only time people on the extreme left worry about how much money our government spends, it's always about money spent defending our country. I wonder why that is?

Connecticut Man1 said...

First you will have to point me to the extreme left Blog you are talking about, because this Blog isn't that place. :)

I am a moderate liberal and as a veteran I understand and support defending the US. Iraq does not accomplish that in any way, shape or form. It is simply an illegal invasion that has worsened our security and our standing in the world.

I also believe in fiscal responsibility, something that the entire right wing GOP has obviously been against for decades now. In fact, the GOP seems intent on bankrupting this nation, both fiscally and morally.

Today's GOP is a seriously corrupted right wing extremist organization.